JMT Care Services has been raising the standard of foster care in Scotland for over 25 years. With offices across Scotland, JMT’s highly qualified and experienced social workers support our professional foster carers to nurture children and young people in their therapeutic placements for as long as is needed.

  • Foster placements
  • Young adult placements
  • Psychological services

Foster Placements

JMT Fostering offers short break, interim, long term and permanent placements to children and young people of all ages. Our carers come from a variety of backgrounds and offer a range of expertise. JMT Fostering supports children and young people dealing with a range of issues including experiences of abuse (physical, emotional, sexual), neglect, developmental trauma, learning difficulties and physical disabilities. We offer round the clock support from a small team of staff who provide an out of hours service. Our qualified social workers have a limited case load to allow them time to get to know their carers and young people really well. We offer initial and on-going training, both in house and using nationally accredited training providers, to support our carers to provide the best care experience for our young people.

Emergency – Where a child gets placed with little notice.
Short Breaks – A short break may be an overnight, several days or several weeks. At JMT Fostering carers may utilise short break care from other JMT carers to support the placement they are offering. JMT Fostering also welcomes referrals from Local Authorities for short break placements.
Interim – Previously called short-term, an interim placement is a placement lasting less than two years where long term accommodation has not yet been considered or agreed.

Long Term – A long term placement is where a child/young person has been accommodated for more than two years but a permanence plan has not been agreed.
Permanent – A permanent placement is made when the decision has been made that a child/young person will not return home and a Permanence Order has been made.

Young Adult Placements

It is our belief that every young adult who was fostered as a child has the right to continue to benefit from a positive experience of family life, enabling each to fulfil their potential in a family where they feel secure and have a sense of belonging. We acknowledge that most young adults will live within their own family or independently but there are occasions when this cannot happen and alternative arrangements have to be made. Working in partnership with local authorities, JMT Fostering is committed to providing a quality family experience, enabling young adults who were looked after and accommodated with our foster carers to remain with those families beyond the age of 18 years where this is considered necessary and appropriate. This service is only available to young people that have been in a JMT Foster Placement. If carers have the appropriate space to accommodate a young adult and a looked after child/young person they may be registered as both a JMT young adult carer and JMT foster carer.


JMT Fostering Carers can be:

  • Single, divorce, married or living as a couple
  • Female or male
  • Have children at home or away
  • Without previous parenting experience
  • Enthusiastic about caring for children and young people
  • A gay man or woman, either on your own or living with your partner or spouse

JMT Fostering Carers need:

  • A bedroom for each fostered child
  • To be aged over 21 at the beginning of your assessment
  • The right to live and work in Scotland
  • Patience, resilience and a sense of humour
  • To be able to work as part of a team

When you foster with JMT you are:

  • Welcoming a child into your family
  • Helping a child to have a positive experience to grow and develop
  • Learning from the child you foster and learning through agency supported training
  • Receiving regular support from your qualified social worker
  • Joining the team around the child
  • Working in your own home, with time to plan and prepare for the daily tasks associated with being a carer, while having time for your entire family
  • Becoming more reflective and thoughtful as you consider what works and what doesn’t in the fostering role
  • a full-time resident in the UK

Fostering with JMT means that carers can expect:

  • Generous Carer Fee/Allowance
  • Individual support and supervision from a qualified social worker
  • Supervision visits every 3 weeks
  • 24 Hour Support from a qualified social worker
  • Regular Support Groups
  • Placement support from a therapeutic team
  • Attachment and trauma informed practice • Form F assessment • 12 online courses in the pre/post approval period
  • Minimum of 5 days training annually
  • Up to 35 days paid short break annually
  • Annual Reviews
  • Small agency with low staff turnover that knows the carers

About Us

JMT Fostering is a small not-for-profit organisation located in Scotland with offices in Livingston, Dundee and Glasgow. Since 1997, we have sought to make a difference for Scotland’s children and young people who are unable to remain at home. With JMT Fostering, children and young people have placements that are supported and secure because we have foster carers who are committed to making a difference in their lives.

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