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If you are interested in fostering or just want to know more, fill in the details below and we will get in touch with you.  Our manager will call you and talk through any questions you have (there is no such a thing as a silly question).  If you still want to know more or decide you are interested then we will come to your home and spend some time helping you understand who we are and how our values match with yours.  We’ll look round your home and meet anyone else who lives there. 

If you decide YES I DO want to foster we will send you an application form and once we have received it we will allocate you a social worker of your own who will complete your fostering assessment.  This process can take up to 6 months and by the end of that time  you will have a firm idea of what fostering is and the skills you have to foster.

The whole assessment process will see your JMT social worker visiting you at home meeting your family and asking for references from your work and people who know you.  Your JMT social worker will explore your childhood and how you were parented and how you are likely to parent.  You will think about where your skills lie and what expertise you have.  You will use this time to think about the child you could foster and the experience you can bring from your own life.

The worker will help you understand the fostering role and make sure you really know that you are ready to foster.  

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