Liz Dingwall


Before joining JMT Fostering I worked for Christian Salvesen initially as PA to MD for 8 years and then moving to the post of Manager of the Finance Team for 4 years, I was getting bored being a number anorak, so when a new opportunity arose to join The Jane Moore Trust Family Placement Service [as it was initially known] in June 2005 as Administrator, I took the opportunity and have never looked back. When I viewed the ad for the role, the ethical not for profit banner stood out to me.  When I joined, I realised some IFAs are profit making.  Very quickly I realised that JMT Fostering is authentic and does what it says on the tin!

Part of my role is panel coordination which I love. I really enjoy my job as all the staff are on the same mission – to improve the lives of some of Scotland’s most vulnerable children and young people who are looked after by our great foster carers.  I love hearing about the improvements that the children and young people make and to feel a part of that.  Our team is extremely committed and work very hard to achieve the agency’s goals.

I like to have fun! I love drawing and painting, reading, dancing, walks on the beach and listening to music, but mostly I love to spend time with my 3 wonderful boys, they are my world. I also have 42 nieces and nephews, it can sometimes be a bit of squeeze in our home, but I do love it.

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