What our staff say

At Moore House Academy Bathgate everyday is different with a variety of fun activities, opportunities and learning for the young people. The team is amazing, we work together and support each other everyday.

Classroom Assistant

I like working with our fantastic young people and enjoy seeing them grow into confident, successful individuals.

Practitioner, Day Service

I have been part of the team at Moore House for a year having worked within the sector for many years. Although having only worked with the young people at Moore House for a short period of time, the support and welcoming environment everyone at the school experiences has made my first year very enjoyable. The restrictions currently placed on us all has made it very challenging within our workplaces but the way the whole Moore House family has worked together to ensure the disruption to learning for the young people (and my own as a new employee) has been expertly minimised.The support and advice that I have received has allowed me to increase my knowledge and skills which has been both rewarding for me but also allowed me to support the young people better.The young people could not be supported within their care and education by a better team of professionals than at Moore House.

Principal Teacher

I like working with a fantastic and supportive team of people to support and engage our young people through a range of learning and social experiences. There is a real team spirit in our community, which is unlike anywhere else.

Senior Practitioner

Everyday is different and challenging at Moore House however the young people and staff support each other. The young people have a massive say in what we organise for them in terms of extra curricular activities and wider achievements.

Activities Coordinator

Moore House is characterised by an outstanding learning environment.  This is ultimately why I enjoy working for this group.  They have high expectations of all their young people and this remains central to the schools’ ethos.  Passion for excellence is the driving force behind everything they do at Moore House and a high priority is placed on professional learning, leadership and collaboration among all school staff, creating a credible learning environment to enhance your professional skills and knowledge. At Moorehouse they understand the young people, by motivating them and creating a positive attitude throughout school and within the wider community.  The school recognises and celebrates success daily and young people know that staff care about them and want them to excel.  This is what makes Moore House a great place to work, because you know you can make a difference to every young person’s lives.


Everyone was friendly and welcoming when I started.
It feels like a family.

Finance Officer

I wish I had come to work here years ago.
I love interacting with the young people as part of our interview and selection processes.

HR Assistant

Working for Moore House Group has been a constant learning experience, offering up new challenges and experiences regularly. I’ve been given the opportunity to attend training courses and conferences, but did end up dressed as a bear at our own conference. There’s always something new to experience and it’s rarely boring.

Senior PSI Worker

Working for Moore House Group has provided me with numerous opportunities to learn, grow and develop, both professionally and personally. The organisation consistently ensures the children and young people’s needs are paramount in all we do and this is why I feel so passionate about my role within Moore House Group.

PSI Worker

Moore House is a supportive and accommodating company which has supported me in my training and professional growth whilst i have been working for them. They have a warm and friendly atmosphere where although we are spread over different campuses, there is still very much a team spirit and community atmosphere.

Activities Coordinator

I like to hear of the young people’s success.

Alba worker

Moore House Group is a great place to work.


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