Caroline Anderson

Social Worker

Caroline’s professional career began in the health sector, working as a Registered Mental Nurse in West Lothian’s Department of Child & Family Psychiatry (Lothian Health Board) from 1989. In 1993, she moved to West Lothian Council’s Children & Families services to take up post as Assistant Unit Manager in a social work family centre, providing day care and support for vulnerable children and their families.

Caroline completed her Diploma in Social Work in 1999, and has completed postgraduate certificates in Child Protection Studies (University of Dundee) and in Securing Children’s Futures (BAAF), along with other training and development relevant to her role as a supervising social worker. Caroline has completed Level 1 in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy/Practice and is keen to support carers in using the principles of DDP in their day-to-day work with children to promote attachment and build resilience. She’s excited about carers being trained in DDP and seeing how this improves outcomes for our children. When not working, Caroline has a love of the outdoors and wildlife, combining the two by walking for miles with her dog.

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