Moore House Virtual Academy

Moore House: Virtual Academy maximises the potential of technology to provide interactive and inclusive learning experiences for children and young people whose social or emotional needs prevent them from attending full time on-site education. Our Virtual School does not exist in real terms as a building, and children and young people do not attend in a full-time capacity. However, some of our children and young people choose to attend one of our three schools on a part-time basis. Each child or young person is on the roll of one of our four schools.

Our Virtual School provides education, including therapeutic support if needed, for children and young people aged 5 to 18 years who are school averse for a variety of reasons. This can include school-based anxiety, friendship issues, anxieties about their home situation, bullying, learning difficulties and lack of self-esteem.  Our children and young people have real fears and are not simply ‘truanting’ from school. Their challenging needs prevent physical attendance in school and consequently success in learning.

Our staff work within the underpinning philosophy of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP), thus promoting our nurturing and healing ethos and the development of strong relationships, albeit virtual, in order to gain the trust of each child. ​ We have a strong focus on health and wellbeing and work with partners who can also work virtually, to help build resilience in our young people.

All our teachers are fully qualified and registered with the GTCS and can be located in any one of our four schools, depending on the subjects being delivered and the stage of the curriculum.  Our curriculum which is rooted in the framework of Curriculum for Excellence provides flexible and creative learning opportunities within carefully planned personalised learning pathways. We can provide full entitlement within our BGE curriculum and can offer National Qualifications up to Higher level.

Careful tracking of the child or young person within their curriculum ensures we monitor progress and helps us to respond quickly to issues or to increase the pace and challenge of learning.  Close partnership with parents and carers is seen as essential.

Please have a look at the relevant prospectus linked below for a more in-depth view of our Virtual Academy.

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