Support for Children and Young People

Getting Right for Every Child (GIRFEC)

MHA, Dunkeld follows the National Practice Model/GIRFEC:

Child Protection

The Head of Education has responsibility for all Child Protection and Safeguarding issues and this includes:

  • Establishing a positive ethos which supports and values children and contributes to their welfare and protection.
  • Ensuring that child protection guidelines are brought to the attention of all staff.
  • Ensuring that all staff receive annual training in Child Protection and Safeguarding.
  • Making sure there is a named child protection lead for the school, this is our Depute Head of Education.
  • Developing policy and practice to meet national and local authority guidance.

FRESH Values

Our Values (FRESH) is for all children and young people to know and understand

how to be:

  • Fair
  • Respectful
  • Engaging
  • Safe 
  • Honest

Health & Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing at the heart everything we do at MHA, Dunkeld. Our staff work hard to foster excellent relationships with our children and young people throughout the school and develop a unique understanding of each individual and their strengths and needs. Self-regulation skills and kind behaviours are encouraged at all levels. This is essential to develop well being and self esteem, ensure the safety of all and to ensure that all children and young people gain as much as possible from the learning experiences at MHA, Dunkeld.

Our children and young people’s voice and empowerment

Our children & young people are offered opportunities throughout the day to make choices and have their voice heard  as much as is possible for that individual. Every individual is supported to do this in ways which are appropriate to their needs. Children & young people can make choices about activities at key times throughout the week and are able to make choices about Electives and units in the senior phase where staffing and groupings permit.

Our Student Council meets on  a regular basis to ensure the collective  and individual voices of our children and young people are heard.

“Moore House Academy is my safe place. The staff understand me and I know I can speak to them when things are not going well for me. I really enjoy our outdoor learning and I have learned so much using digital technology. I am beginning to believe I can go to college when I leave Dunkeld and gain even more qualifications”
MHA, Dunkeld young person (2021)

Psychological Services Intervention Team (PSI)

Our (PSI) team offers an extensive range of psychological and educational assessments for children and young people placed in care and those struggling to engage in mainstream services.

The team works in partnership with caregivers and other professionals to provide a range of interventions that best meet the needs of children and young people; reducing risk and developing protective factors.

The team have all undertaken , as a  minimum, an introductory four day training course in Dyadic Developmental Practice, Psychotherapy and Parenting (DDP) which underpins practice across the Moore House Group.

Virtual Academy

Our Virtual Academy provides education, including therapeutic support if needed, for children and young people aged 5 to 18 years who are school averse for a variety of reasons. This can include school-based anxiety, friendship issues, anxieties about their home situation, bullying, learning difficulties and lack of self-esteem.  Our children and young people have real fears and are not simply ‘truanting’ from school. Their challenging needs prevent physical attendance in school and consequently success in learning.

Celebrating Success

We recognise that our children and young people achieve success in many ways and in many contexts including at home and in the community. Successes and achievements in every area are recognised for all our children and young people throughout their day, at our Learner of The Week assemblies. 

We have a whole school Celebration event before the Christmas holidays and a Summer Prize Giving in June. 

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