School Policies and Practical Information

Updating of Information

It is essential that parents/carers inform the school office as soon as possible of any change of address, telephone number or similar basic information. This helps us keep our records up to date and ensures that we can easily contact you, either in an emergency or to pass essential information to you.

Procedure in the case of child or young person being absence or sick

Parents/carers should please contact the school office before 9.00am (and leave a message) to let us know if their child/young person will be absent, this includes for appointments. Please keep us informed of any ongoing absence.

A member of the school administrative team will contact parents/carers by 9.30am if there has not been a communication about absence or sickness.

Procedure if a family are planning to have a holiday within term time

Parents/carers should please contact the Head of Education, in writing, to inform them of any out of school holiday requests. It is important to note that changes to a child or young person’s routine can have an effect on the:

  • individual’s attainment and achievement, 
  • reintegrating back into school,

Complaints Procedure

Moore House Academy, Dunkeld strives to provide a high quality service, however recognises there may be instances when it is felt the standards expected have not been achieved. It is important these instances are shared with us so we can learn as an organisation and improve our services to all. It is also important to ensure we have a shared understanding of any issues which have arisen. 

Dress Code

Our dress code consists of a pale blue polo shirt/pale blue tshirt and a navy blue hoodie/jumper embroidered with our school logo. Please note that although this is our recommended dress code, we acknowledge that children and young people need to feel comfortable to get the most out of school. Please speak to your child’s key teacher if you have any questions.

School Meals

Lunch and a morning snack are provided for all children and young people at no additional cost. Meals are prepared by our cook, and wherever possible are served in the school dining hall. However, meals can also be eaten in quieter areas. Please make sure you inform our administrative team in writing of any specific dietary requirements and keep us up to date of any changes. Note that nuts should not be brought into school due to allergies.

School Trips

Our children & young people are regularly offered opportunities to travel to various events and places of interest throughout the academic year,  both in the local community  and further afield. 

We expect a variety of trips in academic year 2022/23: field trips, visits to theatres, museums, outdoor learning centres, colleges, universities, places of historical or geographical interest and expeditions.

Summer Activities Days

For three days in June, the normal school timetable is suspended while children, young people and staff participate in a variety of outdoor learning, cultural and community activities. In addition to trips out of school, staff organise a wide variety of activities including enterprise challenges, outdoor activities including water based sports, team building, craft activities, expressive arts workshops, technology challenges etc.

Education Maintenance Allowance

The Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) is a means tested weekly allowance payable in two week instalments in arrears during term time only. It is intended to encourage students to stay on at school in post-compulsory education. Applications are available from the school office, 

Arrangements for Emergency Closures

If the School needs to close, the following basic principles will apply:

  • The health and safety of children, young people and staff is paramount;
  • Every reasonable effort should be made to keep the School open, subject to health and safety considerations;
  • The School cannot be secured until the last child, young person and staff member has left the campus;
  • The travel arrangements for children, young people and staff will be considered in conjunction with the conditions affecting the School campus;

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