Louise Brown

Head of Care

Louise brings over 19 years of experience in caring for children to Moorehouse. Her journey began in homeless accommodation, where she encountered many care leavers. This sparked her passion for residential child care, a path she’s dedicated herself to since 2005.

Louise’s career progression exemplifies her commitment to leadership. Starting as a practitioner, she honed her skills before transitioning into management in 2016. This experience allows her to be a supportive leader who understands the challenges and rewards of residential care firsthand.

Louise is a firm believer in continuous learning. She has actively pursued training in crucial areas like the Rickter Scale, managing bullying, self-harm intervention, child protection (Designated Officer), and therapeutic approaches like DDP (Levels 1 & 2) and SCM. This extensive training equips her to not only excel in her role but also train others within the organization.

Louise’s passion for child protection extends beyond her qualifications. She actively relishes her role as a trainer, demonstrating her dedication to safeguarding the well-being of children. This dedication extends to her leadership style.

Core Belief: Louise is driven by the unwavering belief that every child, regardless of their past, has the potential for a positive future with the right combination of guidance, support, boundaries, nurturing care, structure, routine, and love.

Leading by Example: Louise’s heart lies in residential childcare. She leads by example, providing supportive role models for both management and residential teams. This collaborative approach fosters a positive environment that prioritizes the well-being and successful outcomes of every child entrusted to Moorehouse’s care.

Making a Difference: Louise takes immense pride in the role she plays in the lives of Scotland’s most vulnerable children. Her dedication, expertise, and compassionate leadership make her a valuable asset to Moorehouse.

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