Gary Greenshields

Depute CEO

Over 18 years of management experience in the residential child care sector positions Gary as a strong leader at Moore House. He brings a wealth of knowledge from his diverse background working with learning disabilities, community care, secure care, and residential children’s homes in both the private and public sectors.

A Passion for Dyadic Developmental Practice: Gary’s initial attraction to Moore House stemmed from their use of Dyadic Developmental Practice. He’s a strong advocate for this relational model, emphasising the importance of fostering nurturing, compassionate relationships between staff and young people.

Championing Long-Term Support: Gary recognises the unique needs of care-experienced young people. He is passionate about providing them with the security and support they deserve, even beyond the traditional age of leaving care. This commitment is evident in his proactive efforts to establish continuing care services, equipping young people with the skills they need for a successful transition to independence.

Advocacy for Equal Opportunities:

In his role as Deputy CEO, Gary will leverage his experience and passion to ensure care-experienced young people have access to the same opportunities as all of Scotland’s children. This includes supporting their education and creating pathways for success in further studies.

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