Gary Greenshields

Head of Care

Gary has been with Moore House since 2015, he has over thirty years experience in the residential child care sector and has worked in a variety of fields from learning disabilities, community care, secure care and residential children’s homes both in the private sector and with local authority. Gary has been in a management position for over 15 years, both as a registered manager and a senior manager. 

Moore House Care and Education uses Dyadic Developmental Practice as the relational model all practitioners work with. This was a primary reason Gary applied to work with Moore House initially. He is an advocate of this approach and the importance of working with our young people to develop nurturing, compassionate, patient, kind and respectful relationships. These relationships are so important to both the adults and the young people and we are keen to remove any barriers to the relationships being maintained when young people move on if this is what they want. 

Care experienced young people have the same right to a security of placement and support for as long as they need it as all Scotland’s young people. Gary has been proactive throughout his career in setting up supported flats and tenancies for young people where they can stay and learn the skills needed to be able to manage when they move on and never feel they are being pushed out because of their age. Parenting doesn’t stop at 18, the care and support our young people receive shouldn’t stop either.

Gary is passionate about supporting care experienced young people to have the same opportunities in life offered to all Scotland’s children, like accessing schools and further education and being supported to stay there.

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