Alison Williams

Headteacher - Bathgate

Alison joined Moore House Education in 2015 as our Health and Wellbeing, Home Economics, Social Enterprise and Wider Achievement awards teacher. After a brief spell away, she returned in 2019 as Principal Teacher before being promoted to Senior Manager, Education. Alison oversees both our Moore House Academy Bathgate and Moore House Primary Dunfermline. 

When Alison left school she was undecided on what career path to take. She studied catering and hotel management before going on to study social care. While working in the education and care sector, Alison quickly realised her passion lay within education. 

Alison returned to studying at the University of Dundee and has worked for almost twenty eight years with primary, BGE and senior phase pupils  within education in the care sector, mainstream and in ASN schools. 

Her passion is to inspire and encourage young people to believe in themselves by encouraging learning and participation. Alison supports our children and young people in Moore House Primary and Moore House Academy Bathgate to build confidence and self esteem while providing a safe nurturing environment where they can achieve their full potential, preparing for the next steps in life.

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