Moore House Ted

Snuggle Specialist

Ted has been with Moore House since the very beginning.  His experience in making children and young people feel welcome and safe comes from his previous position with the Ministry of Cuddles.  

Born in Ursine, Ted wanted to be a policeman, but sadly he didn’t fit in the Panda car. He developed an interest in Scotland after watching the Edinburgh Tattoo on cave TV.  Taking only the bare necessities with him, Ted began his journey to Scotland using planes, trains and automobiles; Koala Airlines, to Paddington Station, via the Brown Bear Line and Polar Express taxis eventually arriving at Moore House. 

Ted’s passion for international travel is well documented on his Twitter blog, with the handle #MooreHouseTed @MooreHouseCare.  In recent years, Ted has been spotted in Alton Towers, Lanzarote, Florida, and even Australia where he visited Bayres Rock.

Ted is now settled with his partner Goldie and children Bruin and Grizleigh in a 4 apartment cave in Bearsden.

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