Bob Donnelly

Consultant Psychologist

I am a Psychologist and I visit Moore House twice a month. I meet a lot of staff but mostly see Stephen, Stephanie and Adam in PSI – they make me laugh and “chill out” every week!  We discuss their work with new admissions and how young people new to Moore House can best settle in and get all they can out of being with Moore House.

We also discuss how young people are doing after being with Moore House for a while and how lots of areas of their lives have improved since they first came to Moore House. We all like to know we are doing well and Young People in Moore House are just the same as everyone else.

I also visit other residential schools and can say that Moore House is a pleasure to visit. Stephen and Stephanie even mostly put up with me although sometimes I cannot understand what they are talking about. Can anyone tell me what Facebook is?

Bob Donnelly

Bob was educated at Strathclyde, Dundee and Glasgow Universities. Qualified as a teacher in 1971 and worked at Gillburn Primary School in Dundee. Appointed as Educational Psychologist with Perth and Kinross Council in 1974 which became Tayside Region in 1975.

Appointed as Senior Psychologist with Scottish List D Schools – Northern Area – in December 1976 which became Child Care Psychology Service in 1987.

Self-employed as Psychological Consultancy Services from 1997.  Primary work over last 30 years has been with 8 residential schools covering all aspects of Consultancy, Assessment, Treatment and Staff Training. Ongoing work involves the development of external monitoring systems for residential schools and in particular the What Works Programme designed to develop all aspects of practice within an evidence-based framework.

Registered as a Chartered Educational and Chartered Forensic Psychologist through the Health Professions Council and as such subject to the Code of Practice of the British Psychological Society.

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