Assessment and Reporting

At MHA, Dunkeld we want our children and young people to see assessment as part of their learning; so they can acknowledge their achievement. Children and young people will also prepare for tests in certain subjects, supporting  them to cope with national examinations in their senior phase. 

Assessment in S1-S3

Assessment is seen as an integral part of teaching and learning in that it helps measure childrens’ progress whilst also informing the teacher and child about issues in learning. Just as in primary school, children are assessed against set standards, namely Curriculum for Excellence levels, rather than against each other. In this way, they are able to chart their progress as they move through their curriculum.

Assessment in S4-S6

In addition to on-going assessments that are an integral part of the learning and teaching process, we have to focus on preparing our young people for success in external examinations in their senior phase.. In most subjects young people will sit a practice exam, a ‘prelim’. These examinations are important as training and preparation for SQA exams, as pupils work within a time limit, and they are scheduled between February and March, at a time that best suits pace of learning and course coverage. Where possible, exams are scheduled around teaching time to avoid disruption to other subjects.


My Profile:

Each child and young person has a personal profile which:

  •  Contains essential information including strengths and needs
  •  Outlines their learning journey from S1-S6 as relevant
  •  Shows their support wheel and sets out supports and strategies

Attendance & Engagement Report

Each child and young person has a weekly Attendance & Engagement Report that is shared with all stakeholders, reporting on:

  • Attendance,
  • Engagement,
  • Behaviour 

The report provides evidence of progress, attainment and achievement 

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