Janey Nohar

Social Worker

I began working at JMT in January 2021 as a Supervising Social Worker during Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. I was made to feel very welcome by JMT staff and foster carers. I really enjoy working here and I already feel like part of the team.

My career in Social Work started way back in 1989 when I worked in a local Children’s House. When the Children’s House closed I went to work in another Children’s House which was approximately 13 miles away from where I lived. I really enjoyed this as this Children’s House also had integrated stand alone accommodation for young people who were moving onto independent living. Whilst working here I began my Social Work Degree. It was a demanding time as I was working full time and also undertaking the condensed Degree course which lasted for 19 months, and I also had a young family living at home. I was elated when I passed the course. Once qualified I worked in a number of different Locality teams as a Social Worker. I worked with Child Protection cases as well as permanency planning. I enjoyed the challenges of being a Children and Families Social Worker. I have also worked with Fostering & Adoption Teams which I enjoyed. Working at JMT means that I am once again involved with children who are not able to
live with their birth families. In more recent times I returned to Locality Children & Family Social Work and had spent 16 months working as the Acting Team Leader. This was an enjoyable and challenging experience that was demanding but also rewarding.

I have 3 grown up children and 3 grandchildren. My eldest grandchild is a young woman now and she works with children. She is a natural. My eldest grandson has a scholarship in America to play football, this was his dream since he was a wee boy. He is living his best life but we all miss him so much. My youngest grandson is just a baby and he’s just adorable and has us all wrapped around his little finger.

I love doing anything that involves my family and friends, like nights out for dinner, caravan and lodge holidays and borrowing my children’s dogs so my husband and I have an excuse to go out for long walks. I am a terrible cook, an even worse singer but I’m good at knitting and at times an avid reader. Oh and I’ve been told by others that I am really good at home decor.

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