Alex Jack

Social Worker

Alex Jack has been in social work since 1980.  Starting off as a resource worker with Adults with learning disability moving to Community Care within Acute, Long Stay and Mental Health hospitals as a social worker in 1998.

Alex has worked in Children and Families for South Ayrshire (2004-2008)  moving to JMT Fostering in 2008 working with carers in the West.

Since moving to JMT Fostering Alex has found that there is more time to work with carers supporting them to get the best outcomes and results in health, education and well-being for the children in their care.  JMT Fostering has high ideals that go above and beyond the demands of the requirements of the Care Inspectorate and Scottish Social Services Council.  For example carers get reviews every year, they get support from their individual worker with whom they can establish a close working relationship over time.  This is due to a very low staff and carer turnover that is built on trust and attachment, belief in what what we are doing and a strong desire to get the best for Scotland’s Children.

Supporting the achievement and success of this Alex enjoys both facilitating and arranging training with carers.

These are aspects of the job Alex loves.

Alex enjoys playing guitar, but most of all playing golf he is a 4 handicapper is.  He plays at Turnberry (he thinks it is heaven on earth).  Alex and his long suffering wife Sandie enjoy walking their Border Terrier Ruby along the beach, holidays in the sun, and getting out with friends and family for meals or just fun.

Alex loves Burns poetry however his favourite poem as far as foster carers go is from Within My Power by Dr Forrest E. Whitcraft, in particular the end which reads…

One hundred years from now

It won’t matter

What kind of car I drove

What kind of house I lived in

How much money I had in the bank

Nor what my clothes looked like


The world may be a little better

Because, I was important

In the life of a child.

Dr Forrest E Whitcraft

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